PUEBLO, Colo. — Mineral Palace Park has been enjoyed by locals in Pueblo for decades, but many may not know its significance as part of the State’s history.

The Mineral Palace exhibit is set to open on Friday, Sept. 9 at History Colorado’s El Pueblo History Museum. It will be featured in the museum’s International Hall.

According to Philosophy Communication, Inc., the exhibit, which is several years in the making, tells the story of a palace “built to showcase Colorado’s mineral riches.” Guests can enjoy an immersive experience through a wide array of offerings including; artifacts, archival documents, historic photographs, newspaper clippings and more.

Exhibit developer, Devin Flores sees the Mineral Palace as an emblem of Pueblo’s history during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

“The Palace represented the hopes and dreams of the people of Pueblo, and how they viewed their own present and prospective future,” comments Flores. “It’s a story worth telling as the legacy lives on in the name of the park and nearby businesses, the enduring mystery of the Silver Queen, and the future of the historic Mineral Palace Park, which continues to be impacted by expanding infrastructure and roadways.”

You can find more information about the exhibit, here.