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1,000 soldiers returning to Fort Carson this week

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Around 1,000 soldiers will come back from their deployment to Afghanistan and will be reunited with their families at Fort Carson this week.

Tuesday, the first 200 soldiers from the U.S Army Brigade, First Striker, saw their families and for some, it was the very first time.

"I'm still, like, in shock," said Sgt. Tyler Bollum who saw Tyler Jr. for the very first time at the homecoming. 

Tyler Jr. is him and his wife's, Jamie, second child. For half of his first son's18 month-life, Tyler Sr. has been on deployment. 

"Just seeing how big he is as well. Just a loss for words, sir. Loss for words." said Sgt. Tyler.

It wasn't just the missing of her husband that was a challenge for Jamie, but the trials of pregnancy while her other half was a world away. 

"It's hard doing everything by yourself," said Jamie. "We're so glad to have him home."

Jamie held off celebrating Christmas with the kids until her husband was home. 

There were several other soldiers to see their fairly-new-borns for the first time. Among the families looking for their loved ones, were parents ready to see their babies again as well. 

"I couldn't be any more proud, let me tell you. I feel so blessed to be this guys mom." said the mother of Specialist Kaelin Caloway Dunn.

For Dunn, his mom, brothers and father were often on his mind.

"All we ever do is talk about our families and when we get back," said Dunn.

Dunn's mother suggests Texas de Brazil for dinner, but when asking her son, he said IHOP sounds pretty good too. 

Around 200 more soldiers will be reunited on Wednesday with three more groups coming to Fort Carson the rest of the week. 

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