Hannah Y. Kim has made it her goal to travel to all 50 states, including 70 cities, in 90 days to honor Korean War veterans everywhere she goes. 

Kim started in Los Angeles, and almost a month into her journey she came to Colorado Springs, making it her 10th state. 

“They’re so happy that somebody remembers them,” Kim said. “They really did sacrifice for us.”

“There are more than 300 Coloradans who died in the Korean War and I’m here to pay tribute for them,” Kim said.

“We have 110,000 veterans in this town, so I think this was an important stop for her,” retired Sgt. Robert W. Roper said.

Her goal is to make sure Korean War veterans know their service matters too.

“Freedom isn’t free, and those Korean War veterans have really sacrificed so much,” Kim said. “We owe it to those who came before us to remember.”

She leaves each veteran with a little piece of her journey, too.

“It’s my very small token of appreciation that I’ve been giving this heart lapel pin on behalf of all the grateful Koreans around the world,” Kim said.

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