COLORADO SPRINGS — The Southern Colorado Honor Flight Hosting a WWII Veteran event at National Museum of WWII Aviation in Colorado Springs.

Community members got a chance to talk with a handful of vets one-on-one as they remember their experience in service to our country.

The chance to meet World War II heroes is shrinking as many of them are aging, so experiences like this are rare.

One person to recognize that, Joe Widner. He served in the Navy and his father served in World War II.

“We’re losing these guys faster and faster each day and it makes you a little sad,” said Joe Widner, U.S. Navy Vet, father was WWII vet.

Widner concerned their sacrifice would be lost on us, but what he found was sharing old memories can create new ones.

“I was a little nervous that no one would care anymore or whatever, and you come in here and there’s line to talk to them, and it’s really special,” said Widner. “It’s amazing, how quickly they recall. It’s almost like it was stamped in their spirit.”

“It was hell and half we made it through and came home,” said Cole Griego, WWII vet.

Some of the painful moments still fresh which is why each conversation is a commitment their story will never fade.

“I remember everything about it but I hate to talk about it,” Griego said. “A lot of my buddies got killed, I never forgot them. I’m still thinking about them.”