Pueblo celebration marks 244th birthday of Marine Corps

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PUEBLO, Colo. — November 10 marks the 244th birthday of the United States Marine Corps, and Sunday night, Pueblo celebrated that service at the Union Depot.

The Marines have the reputation of being the toughest branch of the military, but Sunday night was all about celebrating the bond and brotherhood.

As they celebrated, one Marine Corps member remembered his father, a Vietnam veteran who was not thanked for his service.

“I was a Desert Storm veteran, came back and was really well-received, and everybody since has been really well-received,” Marine Corps veteran Joey Gutierrez said. “I think the climate of the government and the era at that time, they didn’t have that. So when people say that to me, I like to tell them ‘thank you,’ because it is an honor to receive their thanks, because I know that there were so many veterans that didn’t have that.”

“It means everything,” Marine Corps veteran Gareth Pacheco said. “Before going into the Marine Corps, I couldn’t really–I never knew what the military was. In the Marine Corps, I found a brotherhood that nobody knows. It’s just different.”

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