Local Korean War Vets mark anniversary of the ‘Forgotten War’

Military Matters

History books refer to the Korean War as the forgotten war, but those who fought on the front lines say it’s a war that forever changed their lives.

“Do you know how many families lost people in Korea? That was not free, I was one of the lucky ones that returned, some of my friends never returned,” said veteran Victor Santiago.

Santiago returned home safe but was marked by the war leaving him with permanent damage to his left hand. He says if given the chance he would do it all over again.

“It was not easy but it is something that we had to do,” said Santiago. 

Santiago was not alone, dozens of other veterans from the Korean War Association took time out of their day to visit their chapter’s monument on Saturday; reflecting 66 years that have passed since the Korean War Armistice.

“I am proud of all of these guys, they have served and cared about their country,” said Santiago’s daughter Martha Carr.

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