COLORADO SPRINGS — It will be a very special Father’s Day for one Fort Carson soldier.

Tyler made it home just in time to welcome his first child into the world. He wasn’t originally expected to be back from deployment until late July. The problem was – his wife’s due date was earlier than his return date. Luckily, his base he closed early and he was able to fly home on June 9. And days later, his wife went into labor and baby Ronin was born. They are both doing well.

“For me, I kept telling myself, Tyler is not going to make it,” said new mom, Jenny. “Even though I really wanted him there. So when I picked him up when he got back, I was like, ‘OK, I can relax a little bit.’ So, I was very, very grateful that he was there.”

Tyler said he is grateful for the miracle birth of their first child, who arrived a month early, weighing 6 lbs. 3 oz. Baby Ronin is being treated in the hopsital’s NICU as a precaution. Tyler and Jenny expect him to come home soon.