(COLORADO) — Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet said he will consider “holds on other Pentagon nominees,” until a meeting with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin takes place over a basing decision for U.S. Space Command.

Sen. Bennet tweeted on Monday, Jan. 23 just before 5 p.m. that the Department of Defense has apparently and repeatedly ignored requests for a meeting with Secretary Austin.

“The @DeptofDefense [Department of Defense] has repeatedly ignored my request for a meeting with Secretary Austin about the Space Command basing decision,” said Sen. Bennet. “For that reason, I voted against Brendan Owens’ nomination tonight [Monday, Jan. 23], and will consider holds on other Pentagon nominees until a meeting takes place.”

In December 2022, General James Dickinson, the Commander of U.S. Space Command announced that a decision should be coming soon, on whether the headquarters for U.S. Space Command would remain at Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs or move to Huntsville, Alabama.

In January 2021, former President Donald Trump made the announcement to move the U.S. Space Command, sparking a heated debate for two years.