(BLACK FOREST, Colo.) — Jennifer Wolf has been riding horses since before she knew how to walk. Now, her love for horses is on display through her horse rescue, Destinacion’s Therapy and Maybell’s Mission Inc.

“We take in all horses, any type of situation, relinquishment, judgment free, whatever people need,” Wolf said.

But it’s not just a horse rescue.

“Our nonprofit is for seeing veterans and their families free of charge.”

In 2013, this Army wife experienced something no military spouse wants to go through.

“I lost my husband to his third tour in Iraq,” Wolf said.

Before that, she said she watched him struggle with a lot while he was in the military.

“I felt like they needed way more support than what we’re giving them, and that mental health is such a stigma in the military.”

Wolf has 38 rescue horses on her property currently.

So, Wolf combined her love for horses and passion for veterans by helping them both.

“Over time, maybe a thousand people have come in and out of our door,” she said, adding the impact has been encouraging. “The ones who — out of nowhere — say I wouldn’t be here without you.”

And she said it’s those messages that keep her going. Even in the hard times, which she said could lead to her shutting her doors.

“Donations have really dropped,” Wolf said. “We pay 5,000 a month just to feed the horses.”

And there are other financial strains.

“My own funds are going into the nonprofit, and I still have my own bills in life,” Wolf said. “We got no life insurance when I lost my husband. So, it’s just the whole thing has been quite a struggle.”

So she said now she’s hoping for a miracle.

“To have the community rally around us would keep us doing what we’re doing here, which I think is a very invaluable resource.”