Air Force Academy debuts new flight simulators for cadet training

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COLORADO SPRINGS — The Air Force Academy has unveiled a new flight simulator facility meant to enhance training at the facility.

It includes two tandem, full-motion flight simulators that will allow every cadet will be used during every cadet’s core aeronautics course training.

Cadets can design, fly, and test their capstone aircraft designs in order to demonstrate the aircraft’s mission effectiveness in a simulated environment.

“You can see what the aircraft is doing,” Cadet First Class Aaron Craig explained. “You can feel what the aircraft is doing and then you can also listen to what the aircraft is doing and that will help translate over to when your taking tests or exams or when you do go to pilot training you’ll have a head start on how everything things feels and how it works.”

The simulators also come equipped with a one-million dollar combustion shock tube that allows cadets to use gases at varying pressures to generate a shock wave.

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