Middle school principal calls 911 on New Mexico mayor

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GRANTS, N.M. (KRQE) – It was an eventful first day of school at one New Mexico middle school. The principal called 911 saying the mayor was at the school making threats to an administrator.

It was enough for New Mexico State Police to be called in and the middle school to be placed on lockdown Thursday morning. However, the City of Grants Mayor, Martin “Modey” Hicks, maintains he did nothing wrong.

“I need to have a police officer dispatched to the new Los Alamitos school as soon as possible,” Principal Joan Gilmore told a 911 dispatcher early Thursday morning.

“We had a person here that was inciting violence and threatened the Dean of Students twice,” the principal told 911 dispatch.

She said the person making threats was Hicks.

“I did not threaten the Dean of Students, I promised the Dean of Students that I would take him to court and I would sue his butt for slander if he didn’t quit putting stuff out on Facebook about me,” Hicks told KRQE News 13.

Hicks said his daughters told him about a Facebook post the Dean of Students, Jackie Sanchez, allegedly wrote about him.

The Facebook post has since been deleted, so KRQE News 13 cannot confirm what it stated. According to the mayor, the post was slanderous.

“He said I was a drug dealer, that I lived like Sanford and Son, that I dressed like a bum,” Hicks recalled.

“Who is he to tell me how to dress? This is America. I’m not gonna start putting on a suit and tie just because I became the mayor,” he added.

When he confronted the Dean of Students Thursday morning, the principal told 911 dispatch that Hicks made violent threats.

“‘I’m comin’ after you, you’re gonna be out of here, you’re gonna be gone, wait ’till my son gets back, you and your wife,’ he said,” the principal told 911 dispatch.

When asked if what he said could be perceived as threats, Hicks responded, “No. That’s a promise. I told him exactly what I’m gonna do, how is that a threat? I’m not threatening to beat him up or anything.”

New Mexico State Police were called to respond to the call and the middle school was placed on a brief lockdown.

The Cibola County Sheriff’s Office told KRQE News 13 State Police were called because it would have been a conflict of interest for Grants Police to handle a call involving the mayor.

The retired corrections officer and Marine Corps veteran claims this was all blown out of proportion.

“Maybe she’s a little stressed because it’s the first day of school,” Hicks said, referring to the middle school principal calling 911.

“I never threatened physical violence on anybody, I’m too old for that crap,” he added. “But I will sue his a** for slander.”

KRQE News 13 asked Hicks if it was appropriate for him to confront the Dean of Students at the school. Hicks said he should have listened to his wife, and handled it with the superintendent.

“But like I said, he needs to know where I stand,” said Hicks. “I’m not gonna take that crap from him.”

No citations were issued, but Hicks was told to call the school principal beforehand if he plans to return.

KRQE News 13 was unable to reach the Dean of Students, but the Superintendent said this was a personal matter between two people, and it’s unfortunate it was brought onto school property.

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