COLORADO SPRINGS — Senator Michael Bennet kicked off his re-election campaign in Colorado Springs Wednesday afternoon after running unopposed on the democratic Primary ticket.

Bennet held a rally Wednesday at Acacia Park and talked about how legislation has helped Coloradans throughout the pandemic. Businessman Joe O’Dea secured the Republican nomination for Senator Tuesday night.

O’Dea describes himself as a political outsider and conservative. O’Dea has accused Bennet of only representing the Democratic party and not the people of Colorado, something Bennet disagrees with.

“I look forward to this General Election,” said Senator Bennet. “I think it’s going to be a hard one, because people are having to deal with inflation, and energy prices, and the President’s approval rating isn’t very high, especially in a place like El Paso County.”

Bennet has held this senate seat since 2009. O’Dea seems confident going into November’s election against him.