COLORADO SPRINGS,Colo. — A unique form of exercise that includes fish tails and salt water is happening right here in Southern Colorado.

“It’s a combination of free diving, water ballet, and fantasy, and when you’re swimming in a tail you just feel like a real mermaid,” said Jerilyn Winstead, Owner of Aquatails in Colorado Springs.

The Mermaid Cove Swim School/Aquatails is the only place of its kind in Colorado. The mermaid tails are made in house.

“We’re actually working with several production facilities around the world,” said Winstead.

Mermaid Cove had people of all ages participating, and even men can take part. The only requirement is that you know how to swim. If you need lessons, the Mermaid Cove has you covered there too.

The workout itself strengthens your core and it keeps the little ones active.

“Any physical skill your child is learning, they’re building confidence, they’re making brain connection that will help with motor skills, language development,” said Renita Link, Owner of Mermaid Cove Swim School.

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