(COLORADO SPRINGS) — In response to safety concerns expressed by locals in the area, the City of Colorado Springs will host neighbors for a meeting to discuss the proposal to gate Old Stage Road.

The City initially planned to add a gate to Old Stage Road after reports of gunshots, illegal dumping, and graffiti, but other solutions will be considered at the meeting.

The gate would be time activated and would replace the existing gate just past the hairpin turn where the road surface changes from pavement to gravel. The area for the proposed gate would be just above the mailbox turnaround on the city’s asphalt property.

The proposal put forth dictates that the gate would remain open during the daytime hours and closed one-way, westbound on Old Stage Road, in the late evening through early morning hours.

The city hopes to gain input from the community on several aspects of the gate, including how it would function, hours of access and restricted access, how property owners and their authorized guests as well as road users would pass through the gate, monitoring, and other aspects.

The neighborhood meeting will take place Thursday, Oct. 6 from 6 – 7 p.m. at Cheyenne Mountain Junior High, 1200 West Cheyenne Road.