COLORADO SPRINGS — The 37th Annual Medal of Valor Dinner will be held Friday, Sept. 23 at Broadmoor Hall, where citizens and businesses will gather to honor the valor and bravery of officers whose actions saved lives.

FOX21 Evening News Anchor Scott Kilbury will emcee the event, which is closed to registration, but sponsorship opportunities are still available.

The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) provided an example of some of the exemplary work that will be highlighted at Friday’s event, in which an off-duty officer and police recruit were traveling on Mesa Road near Garden of the Gods Park in December of 2021 and spotted smoke coming from the Kissing Camels neighborhood.

The officer and recruit quickly contacted security at the gate of the community, and asked if the fire department had entered yet. After learning that the fire department had not yet arrived, they rushed to the apparent house fire on Smoochers Circle and immediately recognized that no homeowners had evacuated the home. Flames were visible inside the home.

Despite the extreme temperatures and thick smoke, the officer and recruit forced their way into the home in an attempt to rescue anyone inside. CSPD said the officer continued to search the home despite smoke inhalation and the risk of further injury, while the recruit evacuated neighboring homes when the fire began to spread to foliage.

Thankfully, no one was inside the home as they had been out of town during the time of the fire.

Regardless, the officer showed incredible bravery in risking his own life to ensure no one was trapped inside the burning home.

“Law Enforcement and other first responders are never off duty,” CSPD said in a statement. “The officer and recruit’s actions on 12/11/21 demonstrated their extraordinary bravery and willingness to risk their life or serious injury in an attempt to save another.”

The officer and recruit are just two of the incredible officers and civilians to be honored at the Medal of Valor Dinner. If you are interested in supporting the Police Foundation of Colorado Springs (PFCS) or would like to sponsor the event, contact PFCS Executive Director/President Nicole Magic at 719.577.7094 or