(PUEBLO, Colo.) — A Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor recipient was celebrated at his final resting place in Pueblo on Saturday, Oct. 29.

Warren Castle Dockum was a buffalo trader, a postmaster, and a war hero according to his family. On Saturday, generations of the Dockum family, Retired Enlisted Association, and Roselawn Cemetery came together to honor Dockum, his wife, and one of his sons with a ceremony and raising flags over his newly paved and restored burial site.

“It is a proud moment for all of our family, and friends. It was an amazing attempt to bring everybody together that was successful. But to have older generations as old as I think she’ll be 88 next week to younger generations and have them actually participate in it. It’s been an amazing experience,” said Jessica Sanchez a 7th-generation Dockum.

Sanchez said that Dockum’s burial plot will be complete in a few weeks. The City of Pueblo has designated Oct. 29 as Warren C. Dockum day.