(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Yemi Mobolade spoke with FOX21 News about being a political newcomer and addressed the controversy from one of his businesses.

Mobolade wanted to emphasize that he is not a career politician pointing to his over 700 unique donors made up of business owners. Mobolade, a west African immigrant, says he will be a voice for minorities in Southern Colorado by aiming to be an inclusive leader for everyone.

“I am a leader that values transparency, I think that there’s a hunger for that in government, but one of the areas that we have leaned into transparency is around campaign financing,” said Mobolade. “I am not bought by one entity, I’m not bought by any special interest groups, let me correct that, I am being bought by the residents of Colorado Springs, those are the people that are choosing me and the people I will be accountable to.”

Mobolade faced recent allegations of unfair wages while his business partner was accused of misusing funds, which led to the closure of Epiphany restaurant in Downtown Colorado Springs. Mobolade addressed both concerns and believes misinformation is to blame.

Mobolade encourages the community to visit his cafes and find out for themselves. He also mentioned he was the one to report the allegations against his business partner for misusing funds.