(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The City’s first elected Black Mayor, Yemi Mobolade, announced plans for his First 100 Days in office on Wednesday morning, May 31.

  • Mayor-Elect announces plans for "First 100 Days"
  • Mayor-Elect announces plans for "First 100 Days"
  • Mayor-Elect announces plans for "First 100 Days"
  • Mayor-Elect announces plans for "First 100 Days"

Mobolade hopes to create momentum in his First 100 Days for larger initiatives and to gain traction for long-term success with three major priorities.

The first would be building an accessible government through a culture of transparency between all levels of leadership.

“I will work tirelessly to establish culture among our city leadership and with City Council to ensure that the needs of our residents are met efficiently and effectively,” said Mayor-Elect Mobolade. “Together, we will make informed decisions that reflect the aspirations and the desires of our entire community.”

Mobolde said he also aims to build public confidence.

“I know that a successful City requires the involvement and support of its residents, so I will actively pursue relationship with community stakeholders, reaching out to neighborhoods… and people who actually didn’t support my candidacy. They are also important to me. So through open dialog and active participation will ensure that every voice is represented at the Mayor’s table,” stated the Mayor-Elect.

Economic vitality and job creation as well as public safety and infrastructure will remain as top concerns for the city.

“With the police shortage and also our homeless crisis, I am committed to finding a sustainable solution that prioritizes the public safety of our residents and the well-being of those in need,” said Mayor-Elect Mobolade.

Mayor-Elect announces plans for "First 100 Days"
Courtesy of FOX21’s Reporter, Alina Lee; Incoming Chief of Staff, Jamie Fabos

New incoming Chief of Staff, Jamie Fabos, who worked with outgoing Mayor John Suthers for seven years, said Mobolade is a visionary leader.

“Yemi is incredible at challenging us as his leadership team to say, ‘okay,’ but what’s option C? And I think that’s where you get creative ideas and you move past the status quo into solutions that maybe haven’t been tried before,” said Fabos.

Fabos was chosen as the Mayor-Elect’s Chief of Staff following a months-long process of interviews. According to Mobolade, Fabos’ competency in various levels of government, respect by city leaders and strong character made her the right choice.