COLORADO SPRINGS — Our Saturday in May is looking a little more like a day we’d see in January as many are waking up to snow-packed yards.

Friday to Saturday’s snowstorm packed a punch to Colorado with many people recording over five inches of snow.

We could have had even more snow fall, but because roads and pavements held onto the warmth from Thursday, snow was slow to accumulate.

There are real challenges to forecasting snow amounts this time of year. The snow will tend to melt from below after it falls. Since it’s heavy and wet, it will tend to compact as new heavy snow falls on top of it. It’s been warm and the roads may tend to slush up at times when the snow is coming down heavy and then melt when the rates decrease. It’s also hard to get an accurate amount of how much has fallen.

As temperatures cooled, here’s a look at the biggest totals recorded so far:

So far, the biggest winners are those around Cripple Creek, Black Forest and Woodland Park.
Snow totals as of 8:30 AM Saturday

We could record even higher totals before the day is over as more snow is expected.

Snow showers will be the heaviest during the morning before becoming lighter in coverage into the afternoon. We will have a chance to pick up light snow showers into Sunday morning before a warm up arrives.

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