COLORADO SPRINGS — Starting Thursday, September 1, massage parlors are required to have a specific business license to own and operate within the City of Colorado Springs.

The ordinance was signed back in April of 2022, it laid out the requirements for a new type of business license for massage parlors, along with requirements and steps needed to maintain the license and the reasons that a license can be revoked. The hours that a massage parlor may operate are also explained within the new ordinance.

The ordinance includes; what records must be maintained, and gives authorities the right to inspect the premises at “any reasonable time during hours of operation or apparent activity,” and also details what information must be made available to police.

Lawmakers at the state capitol are working on a measure that would grant sex workers and victims of human trafficking immunity while reporting abuse, including trafficking. In addition, the state has a Human Trafficking Hotline anyone can call to report the behavior.