MAP: The least appreciated Halloween candy in each state

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Happy Halloween Trick or Treat candy overhead jack-o-lantern buckets on bright orange wood table background.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — We already know which Halloween candies are a favorite in each state, but what about the least favorite ones?

Halloween Express surveyed over 2,000 Americans to see which ones they would and would not touch with a 7-foot broomstick.

In Colorado, Necco Wafers were voted the least appreciated candy. The only other state who voted Necco Wafers as a least favorite was Kentucky.

Map courtesy Halloween Express

The survey found in almost two-thirds of the country, the award for the worst Halloween candy came down to one of two choices — candy corn and licorice. Other outliers ranking among the least favorite candy options were Almond Joy, Raisinets, Tootsie Rolls, Hot Tamales and Dots.

What’s your least favorite?See the full results here.

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