(MANITOU SPRINGS) — The City of Manitou Springs is asking those living in Manitou Springs and visitors to conserve water from Tuesday, May 16 to Thursday, May 18 due to recent rainfall causing murky water in French Creek.

According to the City, the recent rainfall has caused the water source of French Creek to become high with sediment due to runoff. Because of the conditions, the City’s water treatment plant and filters are limited in how much water it can treat resulting in the Mesa Storage Tank not being filled to adequate levels.

The City said this is a common problem for most water treatment plants but is especially impactful for Manitou Springs because French Creek is its main water source.

The City shared tips for those living in the area to follow to conserve water:

  • Turn off sprinklers.
  • Do not wash sidewalks, cars, etc. with water.
  • Avoid doing partial loads of laundry, dishwashing, etc.

The City wants to reassure those living in the area that there is not a possibility of “running out of water” because of an agreement the City has with Colorado Springs Utilities to convey the Fryingpan-Arkansas project water to them if needed.