Man sentenced to 45 years in nearly fatal shooting of CSPD officer


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — FOX21 has confirmed Karrar Al Khammasi, the man found guilty of shooting a Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) officer, has been sentenced to 45 years in prison.

The shooting happened in August 2018 when officers arrived to Boulder Street and Bonfoy Avenue due to a shots fired call. When police arrived, Officer Cem Duzel contacted Al Khammasi in the street. As the other officers approached, Al Khammasi pulled out a handgun and began firing at the Duzel.

Officer Cem Duzel

Duzel was shot in the head; Al Khammasi was shot and taken down by the other officers.

Duzel was taken to Memorial Hospital with critical injuries. He would spend several months working to recover. When he was released from the hospital and underwent therapy in New York, his hero and favorite WWE star John Cena visited Duzel and his family at their home.

Al Khammasi’s sentencing comes a few months after he was found guilty of first-degree attempted murder as well as assault of a peace officer, menacing, and prohibited use of a weapon by a previous offender.

“This guy is a hero, he stopped a threat that night, he stopped the potential of other individuals being hurt or killed by his courageous contact with an armed suspect,” Howard Black, a spokesperson for the 4th Judicial District said.

At the press conference that happened Thursday, Sept. 16, Colorado Springs Police Department Officer Duzel said, “Thanks for everything, from everybody!”

“When danger calls out sound of gunfire rings in our city streets people like Cem rush to that danger to make sure we live in a safe community,” 4th Judicial District Attorney Michael Allen said.

Duzel’s life has never been the same. Every day he is determined to get better from his brain injury.

“I can’t tell you how awe-inspiring I am not only from him as we’ve watched him progress as we’ve watched him heal as we’ve watched him steadfast just in his eager attempts to get justice done,” CSPD Deputy Chief Adrian Vasquez said.

Duzel and his family gave their appreciation for the support over the last three years, giving him the motivation to push on.

“Even a simple hey we are thinking about you, cards like that is a great feeling that he is not forgotten and the support we get from them is wonderful and I truly think that this is the best communities I’ve ever seen in my life,” Oz Duzel, Duzel’s father said.

Now that the family has closure on the court proceedings, they look forward to beginning a new chapter. Duzel is newly engaged and they plan to have their wedding next summer.

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