COLORADO SPRINGS (KXRM) — The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) responded to a home near the Olympic and Paralympic Training Center Tuesday morning on a reported explosive device.

At 10:30 a.m., CSPD dispatch received a call for service at a home near the intersection of Bonfoy Avenue and East St. Vrain Street regarding a possible explosive.

Floyd Clarke had been throwing some trash in his garbage can when he found a plastic grocery bag and went to move it. Underneath the bag was a grenade, which Clarke accidentally touched before realizing what it was. Clarke is a veteran, so he immediately recognized the device and called 911.

“It was pretty shocking,” said Clarke. “Scared the hell out of me. Who would expect something like that? You know, in my garbage can.”

The Regional Explosives Unit of CSPD responded, and after deploying a bomb squad robot, determined the grenade was genuine and military-grade. The grenade was secured and the Explosives Unit contacted the Fort Carson 71st Ordinance Unit, who then transported the device back to Fort Carson for proper disposal.

“I don’t have any enemies,” Clarke said, smilingly adding “that I know of – that would put a grenade in my garbage can.”

CSPD said there is no threat to the public, and for his part, Clarke is just glad nothing bad happened: “I’m just glad it’s gone, and everything turned out alright.”