Making it a mission: a journey to end homelessness


COLORADO SPRINGS — Have you seen Stephen Lamm in Colorado Springs? He may have attracted your attention as he made his way across town on a motorized scooter. And he says his journey isn’t just for show.

At 62, Lamm says ending homelessness is his mission.

“I’m going to wipe it out,” Lamm said.

And he’s willing to go the distance to get it done.

“I’m going to address congress,” said Lamm, who is looking forward to his first trip to Washington, D.C.

It won’t be easy for him to get there, he’ll have to travel more than 1,600 miles on a scooter that tops out at about 5 miles an hour and requires regular stops to recharge.

Lamm’s also trying to figure out how he wants his master plan to come together.

“I’m wanting to set up a co-op you know, to where everybody’s got a stake in it. I believe that if [the homeless are] working for themselves basically, they’re going to work,” Lamm said.

There’s no official organization set up just yet, but Lamm hopes to change that soon.

A local family created this Facebook page to track Lamm’s journey.

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