(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Macy’s announced on Thursday, Dec. 1 that the company has donated $25,000 to the Colorado Healing Fund following the mass shooting at Club Q on Nov. 19.

Macy’s said the donation was made to support the victim’s families and survivors in the recovery process. The Colorado Healing Fund (CHF) serves as the official point in Colorado for the collection of public donations in the aftermath of a mass tragedy.

Macy’s said CHF will coordinate the disbursement of funds to victims in conjunction with community partners.

“This unprecedented time has brought challenges to many families in the communities Macy’s colleagues live and work, and Macy’s is proud to support incredible organizations—such as the Colorado Healing Fund—whose impactful work plays a vital role in strengthening and enriching the local community and beyond,” Macy’s said in a press release.