(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Colorado Springs’ own baby hippo Omo has quite the following, who look forward to seeing him grow and learn about his environment, and best of all, discovering his personality and what he likes.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (CMZoo) posted an adorable video on Friday, March 10, on Facebook, showing Omo’s keepers discovering that he likes having his gums rubbed!

CMZoo said this is a great way for Omo to build trust with his keepers so they can provide dental care as he continues to grow. As for why he likes it, there’s no straight answer, though the zoo has some theories.

“Since his teeth and tusks are growing, it’s likely soothing, but we’ll never know for sure. His mom, Zambezi, also enjoys having her mouth rubbed like this,” said the zoo in their Facebook post.

Watch the video here:

And if you’re wondering what rubbing a hippo’s gums feels like, keepers said Omo’s gums feel similar to our own, but super-sized.

“Imagine rubbing a plump, raw chicken breast and you’re on the right track,” the zoo said.