Wintry weather closes schools, students making the most of it


COLORADO SPRINGS — School Day or Snow Day? Several school districts in the Pikes Peak Region closed Friday, giving students a three-day weekend.

A group of Rampart High School students decided to make the most out of their snow day. Can you guess how they spent their snow day? Sledding at Cottonwood Creek Park near Dublin Blvd.

15-year-old Rampart High School student Quintin Klich decided to take sledding to a whole new level by doing it shirtless hoping to add a little pep in the groups step early Friday morning.

“You know we thought we would wake ourselves this morning,” Klich said.

Then there are those people who are ‘new’ to Colorado making the most out of their snow days like 9-year-old Brody Lisowy, “We don’t have snow in Florida, I loved it.”

Colorado Springs, Teller County, El Paso County, and Fountain were on accident alert Thursday due to several inches of snow, making road conditions less than ideal.

If you are involved in a crash that meets the following conditions, you should exchange your information with the other drivers and complete a cold report within 72 hours.

  • No fatalities or injuries.
  • No driver or passenger is suspected of driving under the influence.
  • All drivers are present with license, registration, and insurance information.
  • No damage to public property, such as a street sign or utility pole, has occurred.

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