COLORADO SPRINGS — A winner has been crowned in the 100th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Robin Shute, driver of the Sendy Club’s Wolf set the fastest time to take overall victory in the Hill Climb with a time of 10:09.525.

The track is 12 miles long, with 156 turns to get the summit of Pikes Peak. Some of the road has no guardrails between the asphalt’s edge and steep drop offs. Drivers over the weekend also had to contend with damp and foggy weather clouding up visibility.

“Race run was great up until 16 mile, just working with the conditions, enjoying the slick roads,” said Shute. “And then from there on out, it was getting pretty tough with fog, actually a bit below there it was some dense fog patches… The last bit was kind of miserable, I was just idling up in third gear, trying to find the road. You’ve got some white lines on the sides, so I was keeping my eyes on those, and hoping I could make it to the top.”

Despite the dreary weather, plenty of fans showed up to support the drivers and take part in the 100-year-old tradition.