COLORADO SPRINGS — In an announcement made this week, WIC has temporarily added larger can sizes of powdered Enfamil Infant, Enfamil Gentlease, Enfamil Reguline, Enfamil AR, and Enfamil Prosobee to help families find the formula they need at the store.

WIC said they made the change since the nationwide formula shortage is preventing families from finding formula in the 12-ounce can size previously approved by the organization.

WIC recipients will see that their eWIC cards already has the new options available. They do not need to contact their local office to update their food benefits.

Click here for more information regarding formula can sizes now allowed by WIC.

If you can’t find any powdered formula of these brands in the smaller or larger sizes at the store but concentrate or ready-to-use are available, contact your WIC office to have your benefits changed to get the concentrate or ready-to-use of the same formula.