(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The globally recognized Pikes Peak Marathon returned to Southern Colorado this weekend. Runners from around the world participated in the 68th year of the event.

Colorado Springs native Johnathan Aziz won the event, crossing the finish line in three hours 43 minutes and 45 seconds.

Courtesy: Photojournalist Jeff Zide

Aziz was excited to defend his title on Sunday, Sept. 17 and to share the adventure with his neighbors and colleagues.

Aziz said this year he also ran the race to bring awareness to an important cause and one that impacts his own family.

“Win number three – ‘Finish MS’… this year’s been a special journey with my wife, Tara, being diagnosed back in June, so I entered a fundraising campaign, and I want to just show off my jersey and get people to help and donate.”

Courtesy: Photojournalist Jeff Zide

The race takes runners up the summit of Pikes Peak and over 14,000 feet back down. It is the oldest, continually held marathon in the U.S.