(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Garden of the Gods 10 Mile & 10K Run has been hosting the race for 45 years. The race hosts runners from across the country of all ages.

Both the 10 mile and 10K courses will start at the main entrance of the park, taking racers through Garden of the Gods, and ending at the Historic Rock Ledge ranch. The 10 mile race will start at 7 a.m. The 10K will start at 7:30 a.m. both races will be held on June 11th.

Vendors will be at the Rock Ledge Ranch for the family and friends of those running the race and will also serve as a gathering place for racers to enjoy after the run. Vendors will have food, beer, and music, for all to enjoy.

Runners are asked to arrive early to reduce traffic congestion. Parking is located at Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site, located at 3105 Gateway Road. Participants should use the main entrance to the park at 30th Street and Gateway Road.

Howbert Elementary School will have additional parking. Participants are asked to not block any driveways or sidewalks. There will be a runner drop-off location on Chambers Way, directly south of Rock Ledge Ranch.

According to event organizers, they gave $7,271 to high school track and cross-country teams, and $3,490 toward the restoration and repair of the Garden of the Gods trails.

If you would like to sign up for the race or find out more, you can click the link above.