COLORADO SPRINGS — The public is invited to get involved and help shape the future of the Westside Community Center.

The Westside Community Center is one of four community centers owned by the City of Colorado Springs. Westside is operated by the Center for Strategic Ministry (CSM), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, in partnership with the City’s Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Department. CSM has operated Westside since the parks department first sought an external operator in 2010 in response to budgetary constraints.

According to the city’s website, an operational contract with CSM is set to expire on May 31, 2022. In March, the city cancelled its request for proposal following CSM’s withdrawal from the process, and after no additional qualified proposers were found. The city began the process to find a new operator in November 2020.

Now, city officials are hosting a public engagement process to help inform the future of Westside, and an information session was held on Friday to inform the community about this process.

“We are thrilled about the process that is unfolding that will bring individuals together to collaborate on solutions and develop feasible recommendations to support the west side and the broader community,” said Ryan Trujillo, Deputy Chief of Staff for the City of Colorado Springs, at the information session on Friday.

Leaders hope the information gained from their survey, which launches on Monday, April 18th, will yield common themes that can then be worked into a consensus and passed along to administrative officials.

If you would like to stay up-to-date with the process, or to take part in the survey that launches on Monday, visit