Wells near USAFA may be contaminated


COLORADO SPRINGS — Local attorneys trying to help people who may be impacted by the results of the water quality test the Air Force Academy released on Thursday.

The report said some groundwater samples were contaminated with high amounts of toxic chemicals believed to cause cancer and other diseases.

We’ve heard this story in the past few years on the southeast side of town near Peterson Air Force base in Fountain and Security-Widefield.

Now, it’s the same concern on the northwest end of El Paso County. High levels of PFOS and PFOAs were confirmed to be in the groundwater on the U.S Air Force Academy.

The Air Force said Colorado Springs Utilities supplies the drinking water to the Academy and has not detected these compounds at its water treatment facilities however they said drinking water wells south of the base could be impacted including the Woodmen Valley Area.

FOX21 sat down with David McDivitt who is leading this charge nationwide as he calls out the manufactures of materials that contain PFOS and PFOAs — what he calls toxic forever chemicals.

“To find out another site there is no big surprise its unfortunate that its in El Paso County,” said McDivitt. “When you’ve got air force knocking on people doors, saying hey you need to stop using the well water because there are chemicals in there, start drinking bottled water, that’s a significant concern for people.”

Now with the new information, McDivitt anticipates his class-action lawsuit will impact more people.

“We represent thousands and thousands of people in El Paso County, who have been exposed to these chemicals,” said McDivitt. “We are still trying to find out exactly who knew what and when.”

El Paso County’s lawsuits have been consolidated with other community across the nation drafting similar claims against the same corporations. McDivitt was recently appointed to the national leadership team for the water contamination litigation.

“We believe this is the most important environmental litigation in the last several decades,” said McDivitt.

He is hoping to hold big manufacturers such as 3M, Tyco Fire Products and Kiddie, accountable and make things right for those affected. He hoped they those involved get medical monitoring.

“This exactly why we exist, to help people in situations like this, recovery because of decision manufactures make putting profits over people,” McDivitt said.

He said this litigation could go on for years but he’s in it for the long haul.

He said if you own or rely on water from wells south of the Academy and from Monument Creek you should reach out to them.

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