TRINIDAD, Colo. — Carlos Lopez and his wife started a store to help people get quality outdoor gear locally.

Fishers Peak Outfitters was founded in 2021, from a desire to shop locally for outdoor gear and help others find what they need.

The store is located in a historic building allowing them plenty of space to display local art along with the products they sell. An old stove decorates the space, brought back to life to provide heating in the winter.

Lopez grew up in Trinidad, hunting, fishing, and camping as a young person. Now more people are finding the area, “a hidden gem,” according to Lopez.

“Lakes and trails and mountains and other things that don’t have the pressure that you feel when you’re on the I-70 corridor or highway 24.” Said Lopez.

The building itself has a story. When Lopez got into the space, he started taking off the old wood paneling from the old bar that occupied the space previously, revealing an adobe structure underneath. The building was built in the late 1800s with most of its life as a watering hole. The city itself started as an old mining community and trading location.

“It’s just apropos that we just happen to find, this beautifully preserved wall,” said Lopez. “It’s a real gem, it’s a treat and it fits our motif because we are just trying to be a rustic shop that has quality gear for your needs.”

You can find them online at or call at (719) 422-8223.