MANITOU SPRINGS — Springtime in Colorado oftentimes means more bear encounters or, at least, sightings.

That happened near Cave of the Winds recently. a black bear scampered through an empty parking lot there. As you can see in the video, the bear ran across and back into a more wooded area. No people were threatened or hurt.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds us that black bears (a species – not a color) are very wary of people and other unfamiliar things. Their normal response to any perceived danger is to run away or climb a tree.

According to CPW, Colorado bears are active from mid-March through early November. They head for their winter dens when their food sources dwindle.

And it’s important not to leave food or trash out where a bear could come across it. CPW notes that once a bear finds food – they’ll come back for more. So for their safety and ours, be bear aware!