A group of wounded veterans continues to make their across America all while sharing their personal battles with mental illness. On Saturday they were in Colorado Springs to share their message. 

“I’m missing my right eye, got it when I was wounded and because of that and the attack, I have a moderate brain injury and PTSD with depression,” said veteran Adelle Loar.

Loar is part of the Walk Across America team, a group of veterans from both the US and UK, who are walking 1,000 miles across the country to spread awareness about mental health.

“Everything feels better when it’s face to face because you can tell when looking at someone whether they actually care about what you say or not,” said veteran Johnny Burns.

The twelve-week journey is no easy feat, but the walk helps them bond with others who understand what it’s like to walk in their shoes.

“We all understand mental health so there’s no awkwardness so it’s quite nice,” said Burns.

The walk aims to raise the profile of military mental health and raise vital funds to support British and American wounded veterans.