COLORADO SPRINGS — Volunteers from the Colorado Springs Airport gathered to help clean up the United Airlines Flight 585 Memorial at Widefield Community Park.

The Colorado Springs Airport is a sponsor of the memorial, where 25 trees are planted representing the 20 passengers and 5 crew who were killed in the crash.

At 9:23 a.m. on March 3, 1991, United Airlines Flight 585 departed Denver. 19 minutes later, tragedy struck as the aircraft suddenly rolled to the right and pitched nose down. Despite crew members’ efforts to save the aircraft, the plane crashed at a speed of 245 mph, just four miles away from the Colorado Springs Airport.

File footage of the March 3, 1991 crash of United Airlines Flight 585

On Friday, April 29, 11 volunteers with the Colorado Springs Airport visited the memorial to clean up around it and add new plants for the spring and summer season. The Airport said it has more volunteer visits planned for fall of this year.