LA JUNTA, Colo. — A video posted online by a family in La Junta has gone viral as people all over the country are debating exactly what was caught on camera.

“‘We kind of just looked at each other and he said ‘what is that?’ I thought, I don’t know, and we watched it probably 10 times trying to figure out what it was,” said Vivian Gomez, the homeowner who originally posted the video.

The video was posted a week ago and has already gained more than 14 million views on Facebook alone. That doesn’t include other social and media outlets using the video.

“It’s very overwhelming and it’s a little much,” Vivian said.

Online viewers have messaged and commented about the post. Some said it’s a hoax. Others said it could be aliens, or Dobby from Harry Potter.

“It’s possible aliens could be alive,” said Bobby Gomez, Vivian’s son. “No one knows.”

Both Vivian and Bobby agree they aren’t sure what exactly the creature is in the video.