New video supports a retired El Paso County detective who goes on record with FOX31 News that the 2013 assassination of prison chief Tom Clements was a murder-for-hire.

No one disputes Evan Ebel shot and killed Tom Clements by posing as a pizza delivery man, but there is controversy whether Ebel acted alone or had help.

According to a Texas Rangers report, we first reported two years ago, the assassination of Department of Corrections Director Tom Clements was orchestrated by a white supremacist prison gang known as “211.”

When Evan Ebel died in a police shootout in Texas, two days after killing Clements in Monument, Colorado, it was hardly case closed.

Retired El Paso County Detective Mark Pfoff would know, “I’m the one who wrote over 300 warrants to look at cell phone records to look at records for all these individuals involved.” Ebel might have been the trigger man, but his cell phone gave instigators reason to believe he had lots of help.

“The phone records clearly show that Evan Ebel was communicating with other 211 gang members before and after Tom Clements murder,” according to Pfoff.

The Problem Solvers have obtained the tape of a 211 crew member interview with investigators.

The inmate in the interrogation interview flat out tells investigators Ebel told him he was acting on orders from the 211 hierarchy.  In the video investigators ask the inmate, “He tells you that he James Lohr (211 Gang Leader) told him to do that? To kill Thomas Clements?”  The inmate responded by saying, “He didn’t say it like that, but he said he had them do it.”

“He tells them specifically who took credit in the 211 crew for ordering the hit on Tom Clements,” noted Pfoff.

Mark Pfoff wasn’t part of the interrogation but says he’s aware of its authenticity.

He is furious El Paso District Attorney Dan May never convened a grand jury to act on the information investigators were collecting. “We received intel through the Department of Corrections that at one of the prisons … we know that the afternoon before Tom Clements was murdered that there was talk that something was big was going to happen that night with the 211 crew.”

It’s not just Pfoff alleging a conspiracy. The Problem Solvers have obtained an investigative report from the Texas Rangers and on page one, it clearly states: “The murder of the Colorado Department of Corrections Director was ordered by the hierarchy of the “211” prison gang.” Their conclusion had a lot to do with the informant who is offered immunity on the interview tape.

Pfoff believed this was enough to at least convene a grand jury, however, according to him the El Paso County DA’s office fell short.

“The problem is District Attorney Dan May and Sheriff Bill Elder have not prosecuted any of these individuals within three years which is the statute of limitations (for Accessory), so they’ve let that lapse,” says Pfoff.

El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder won’t comment other than to say the case remains an active investigation that has included a thousand man hours just in 2018.

District Attorney Dan May hasn’t responded to the Problem Solvers request for comment.