USPS contract worker caught on camera throwing package out of car window


What should have been a basic package delivery was literally thrown out the window on Wednesday night in the Cordera neighborhood in northern Colorado Springs. 

A contracted postal service worker is seen on the Gohl family’s security camera video throwing a package out of the window of his van.

Bryon and Laura Gohl have lived in the Cordera neighborhood for five years. They said they’ve had a few issues with the mail in the past, but nothing quite like this. 

After the package was thrown on the driveway, Bryon left to pick up his daughter from dance class, but never thought he would need to check behind his car. He ran over the package, and wonders why it was there in the first place.

“It was [some] picture frames,” Bryon said. “Obviously broken from me running over it, but who knows if some of these were broken when he threw them?”

Then, Bryon decided to check his security camera footage. 

“Sure enough I see a video of a van pulling up in my driveway with a postal service sticker on the side,” Bryon said. “And I’m watching the guy reach out his window and throw the package on the driveway and drive off.”

FOX21 reached out to USPS for a comment, and representative David Rupert said that is not how they train their employees.

“The handling of this package is unacceptable and when we saw the video we were shocked and we took immediate action,” Rupert said. “We deliver more than 4 billion packages per year, but every single one of them are important.”

USPS said the employee who threw the package no longer works for the company. The Gohl family also said the postmaster and local post office manager came to their house to offer their apologies.

Rupert said if you ever have any concerns or compliments, you can call 1-800-ASK-USPS, and that call goes directly to your local postal service office. 

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