The U.S. Forest Service is reminding the public to be careful with any kind of fire use when visiting state forests.

“It is so important now more than ever, for the public to be aware of any activities that may cause a wildfire,” said Ralph Bellah, Fire Information Officer.

Officials say this winter has been drier across the Pike and San Isabel National Forest, Cimarron and Comanche NG and conditions are comparable to the busiest fire seasons.

“Careless human acts have caused nearly half of the wildfires on the Pike and San Isabel National Forests, Cimarron and Comanche NG in the last ten years,” said Bellah.

When visiting forests, officials say it’s helpful to know the current conditions and restrictions of where you are planning to visit. Other tips include putting out your campfire (make sure it is cold to the touch) before you leave, check the area after target shooting, don’t park on dry grass, and obey all fire restrictions that may be in place.

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