COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Pikes Peak United Way is doing their part of giving back ot the local community through it’s ‘Day of Action’ by helping freshen up local schools.

United Way staff and volunteers helped Centennial Elementary School and Sierra High School Monday with projects at the schools such as painting, building an outdoor classroom and beautification projects around the grounds. 

“The past year and a half have been unreal and unexpected students have been in and out of school so what we are hoping is that when they come back in the fall and they are greeted by a fresh school that it will just motivate them to be ready to learn and be really excited to comeback,” Elizabeth Quevedo, Director of Community Impact at Pikes Peak United Way said.

For Sierra High School assistant principal, Haana Deickman said they are excited for students to see the fresh new look to the school.

“We are really excited for them to come back and see our new commons. We are really looking forward to a great new school year after having the year of COVID by having a brand new coat of paint to be able to see our school pride coming back into our building, we are really excited for our kids to come and see that,” Deickman said.

Through the school year, Harrison School District 2 and United Way will partner together to help offer support services and community support for students.

“They are going to be offering us some new counseling services for some of our students, some new social work opportunities and give our students things that maybe we couldn’t offer here in school with counseling and other community supports,” Deickman said.

Pikes Peak United Way is always seeking volunteers. To find out how to help visit their website.