COLORADO SPRINGS — Joshua Turner got a sweet surprise Tuesday after watching his home surveillance camera as to how a roll of toilet paper arrived on his front porch.

Turner told FOX21 News that he lives on Del Mar Drive in Southeast Colorado Springs and said that his neighbors are awesome.

He deemed the person seen on his surveillance camera as the “TP Ninja” who was wearing a full ninja costume who had quickly dropped off the package Monday night around 10 p.m. Turner said he wasn’t the only one of his neighbors that received a roll of toilet paper on his doorstep.

Turner doesn’t know who the TP Ninja is but appreciates the kind gesture.

As we are all mindful of social distancing and not spreading germs, the TP Ninja gifted toilet paper that was individually wrapped.

The toilet paper craze has been ongoing for weeks and many people are still finding it hard to find TP at local stores. Thanks to the TP Ninja, Turner can wait a little longer to get his hands on the precious item.

Amid this coronavirus pandemic, the TP Ninja could be the hero we all need. Some may say the TP Ninja could be there for you when doodie calls.