This Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween display lights up the night


Trick or treat yourself to a spooktacular Halloween display in Gleneagle. Its just off I-25 and Baptist road along Becky Drive.

The creator, Tim Walter has been decorating his front yard with the Halloween displays for almost ten years.

This year’s theme is The Nightmare Before Christmas because it’s the 25 anniversary of the movie. Walter said he tries to make the displays unique every year, using what he can to bring the themes to life.

“I started with my animatronics that I have for the zombies and then I found outfits for them, mostly from Goodwill, to dress them up,” said Tim Walter, creator of the display.

According to Walter the display took over a month to put together, making sure everything looked up to par.

“He tries to make them authentic as possible and the funny part is when he goes to Goodwill and people say ‘oh that’s going to look so cute on your daughter or whoever’ and they have no idea who he is and what he does with the costumes,” said Rose Walter, wife of Tim Walter.

Walter said even though the displays take some time to put together, it is worth it in the end.

“Just people coming by and saying how much they liked it and their kids like it,” said Walter.

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