COLORADO SPRINGS — Foundations and funders will soon sit together under one roof thanks to a new idea by The Philanthropy Collective (TPC) that aims to bring bold thinking to Colorado Springs.

“Philanthropy is the love of human kind,” said David Dahlin, director of TPC. “It’s doing good on behalf of others. Over time it’s kind of evolved to be that side of charitable giving that is looking at more significant-sized donations.”

As the definition evolves, philanthropists hope to evolve as well by bringing everyone under the same roof.

The newly remodeled building will house funders and foundations alike. Credit: Sarah Hempelmann

“Something special happens when people of a certain discipline come together, work together, think together so this is meant to be almost like a think tank,” Dahlin said. “Bringing people together who spend their waking hours thinking about societal transformation and making our community a better place,” he said.

Local philanthropists hope this new model will make them more accessible to organizations

“Lots of different projects haven’t gotten funded or don’t get enough relationships to talk to a lot of different foundations and here what we’re able to do is come up with ideas, think about ideas, verify those important projects and be able to fund them quickly,” said Tony Rosendo, CEO of SPUR Philanthropy.

According to Rosendo, funds will come from several places, but one of those places will be The Well, an onsite restaurant and beverage bar that will is expected to contribute to their investments.

“What we wanted to do is create community through a space that is community building and then also be able to offer modest return to investors,” Rosendo said.

TPC said the climate is always changing, and they hope to change with it.

TPC says it believes in a collective effort of like-minded individuals can inspire change. Credit: Sarah Hempelmann

“We need to be forward thinking,” Dahlin explained. “Looking out to the future and especially helping our nonprofit sector and all the different organizations in town and how do they prepare for the demands and the opportunities in the next five years, the next ten years.”

The building may still be under construction, but the organization is currently up and running. TPC’s food and beverage bar is expected to be complete by the beginning of March.