The McCrossin Technique: How neuro-pressure therapy is changing the game for some


Neuro-pressure therapy is changing the game for some when it comes to learning disabilities. In fact, it’s done without the need for drugs or time-consuming home therapies and it’s eliminating long-term treatments.    

The McCrossin Technique was founded in 1988 by Susan McCrossin, an applied physiologist who practices in Berthoud, just north of Boulder.

The neuro-pressure therapy can take up to 12 hours and reconnects disconnections in the neuro-pathways of the brain.

So far McCrossin and certified practitioners have treated more than 10,000 children and adults suffering from ADD, ADHD,and Dyslexia. 

McCrossin has double advanced degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology, saying before the McCrossin Technique started, testing was done.

“We had a child psychologist sending us children with problems and she would sit them for a WISC test, the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, its been used since the ’50s,” said McCrossin.

According to McCrossin, the children were tested once before treatment and then again six months later.

“I was quadrupling their scores, because we’re making them more efficient, we’re not changing the IQ, but we’re changing their function,” said McCrossin.

The McCrossin Technique works to improve concentration, memory, and comprehension, just to name a few.

“So, it’s about 80 steps to make sure every component in the brain that’s required to do well, both for learning and coping in life, is connected the way it’s supposed to be,” said McCrossin.

For some moms who’ve tried it with their children, the results were clear. For Monica Epperson, the reward was seeing her son’s social skills and focus in class improve.

“The teachers were asking ‘What did you do,’ like the next week, because we did it on a weekend so it’s like, wow that happened very quickly for him,” said Epperson.

Scrolling through the McCrossin Technique Facebook page, you’ll see a variety of positive posts, but we did run into one mom who wasn’t so pleased with her children’s results.

“Its been probably a year, maybe two and there has been absolutely zero change, positively or negatively as a result to any of the children,” said Renita Williams Thomas, whose three children went through the McCrossin Technique.

In response to Renita, Susan McCrossin sent the following statement to FOX21.

We value all of our clients’ privacy and therefore we are unable to discuss the particulars of an individual client’s therapy or follow up. For children, we perform an assessment before and after treatment for reading speed, comprehension and spelling. Every child we treat demonstrates measurable improvement in reading speed, comprehension and spelling before they leave the office. However, with their learning disabilities mitigated by our treatment, they still must learn what they missed previously in school.  That remedial learning of what they have missed in school requires willing follow up by parents and teachers for the children’s success to continue.

If you’d like to learn more about the McCrossin Technique or how to become a certified practitioner, click here.

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