Temporary rainbow crosswalk installed in downtown Colorado Springs


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Just in time for Colorado Springs PrideFest, a temporary rainbow crosswalk has been installed downtown.

Workers installed the crosswalk Friday morning at the south side of the intersection of Tejon Street and Colorado Avenue.

We spoke to people downtown who told us their thoughts on the crosswalk:

“I think it’s beautiful,” said Renee Rozar.

“I think it says that, you know, the city is accepting of everybody and their views,” said Fil Pacheco.

“The test coincided with PrideFest and it made a lot of sense to do a rainbow, because it’s going to be up for the weekend. It just made a lot of sense to give this a go for our first shot,” said Laurel Prud’homme, vice president of communications for the Downtown Partnership.

“It’s fine, you know, it’s inclusive, but no real opinion of it,” said Mike Bartusek.

No one spoke out against the crosswalk on camera, but click here to see what our viewers said on our Facebook page.

“We see creative crosswalks in cities across the country, and one of the things we really wanted to do was give it a trial here in Colorado Springs. We are hoping that this will be successful and that the city will allow us to do more. But again, we’re just in the trial phase right now, so there are more steps to come, creating a process and a policy around it. And then we’ll see how it goes from there,” Prud’homme said.

The move comes after artists in the Knobhill Urban Arts District spray painted a crosswalk at the intersection of Platte Avenue and Platte Place last month. The city removed that crosswalk less than 24 hours later, saying it did not meet safety standards.

The new downtown crosswalk meets federal transportation safety standards, according to Downtown Partnership. It preserves the crosswalk’s white reflective bars while adding embellishment in the six colors of the rainbow.

The location, design, and materials were vetted and approved by the city’s Traffic Engineering Department, which oversaw installation.

The rainbow crosswalk is visible from a FOX21 camera on top of the Plaza of the Rockies building in downtown Colorado Springs.

“For the past few years, Downtown Partnership has researched and advocated for limited and thoughtful use of embellished creative crosswalks that meet national standards for materials, safety and approval processes in projects of this kind,” Downtown Partnership said in a statement. “With the leadership of City Council President Richard Skorman and collaboration with Colorado Springs PrideFest, it was determined that PrideFest 2019 was an opportune time and place to test the concept. PrideFest approached Downtown Partnership to facilitate the project.”

Downtown Partnership said the colors are made of AlumiGraphics, which provide a reflective, nonslip surface. To meet national safety standards, AlumiGraphics must be removed from roadways once they start to show wear, which typically happens in two to four weeks. The rainbow crosswalk will be removed on Monday.

It was paid for by downtown businesses, PrideFest sponsor EAS Creative Consortium, PrideFest, and Downtown Ventures, the charitable nonprofit arm of the Downtown Partnership. No taxpayer dollars were used.

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