COLORADO SPRINGS — Nevada Avenue will be closed between Pikes Peak Avenue and Colorado Avenue starting August 1 for up to two weeks.

The closure will be in place to allow utility work for the AdAmAn project. The sidewalk will also be closed to pedestrians. The northbound lanes will remain open.

A westbound lane on Colorado Ave between Nevada Avenue and Tejon Street will continue to remain closed for the duration of the AdAmAn Alley project.

Approximately 600 linear feet of alley is having 100+ year old utilities upgraded and pavement reconstructed. The surface will be reconstructed with the intent of supporting pedestrian accessibility throughout.

Once the City and Colorado Springs Utilities have completed the utility and pavement work, the Downtown Partnership, along with the private property owners, will implement public art and other aesthetic improvements to create a more inviting place for people to gather.

For information on the AdAmAn Alley project, visit