“Teeny Tiny” Alpaca continues to beat the odds


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Take a step inside Amber Isaac’s home in Colorado Springs and you’ll find your typical pets–cats, a dog–and something else she describes as unique, and a bit of a diva.

“She’s very precise about how things should be,” Isaac said. “You know, she’s got her routine and likes her routine.”

Meet Cody, the Teeny Tiny Alpaca.

“Most alpaca babies are 15 to 20 pounds,” Isaac said. “And Cody was six and a half pounds. So, she was about a third the size of a healthy, normal baby.”

She’s also a fighter.

“Her mother actually passed away about 10 months later, and we think she had cancer,” Isaac said. “So, it’s my belief, my opinion, trying to explain things, that Cody was actually miscarriage. That her mom’s body was trying to fight off the cancer and expelled the pregnancy. And Cody was able to survive, despite that.”

While Cody had a roller coaster of medical issues during her first two years, now nearly five, she’s lived longer than predicted.

She even has her own book about embracing being different, which she typically shares at local libraries.

“She is not like any other alpaca out there,” Isaac said. “She’s completely unique and she really doesn’t fit in with them. Even when she was little, I tried kind of integrating her out with the other alpacas. And she didn’t understand how to be part of a social group.”

Because of Cody’s condition, she lives inside the house where she is most comfortable.

“It is not something I recommend,” Isaac said. “My house is full of hay. I’m constantly cleaning. Cody is house trained, which helps a lot.”

Issac does take her out to socialize when she’s healthy, but an emergency care visit last week put those activities on hold.

Cody had been losing weight over the past month.

“And one morning I came out and she didn’t get up,” Isaac said.

After five days in emergency care, veterinarians still couldn’t figure out what happened, but Cody was able to go home.

“And kind of gave her a couple weeks to live,” Isaac said.

But Isaac and Cody aren’t giving up.

And that’s their message no matter what your struggle might be.

“Just encourage people to embrace their own uniqueness and then on the flip side, get it out to people who might not fit into any of those categories and encourage them to see the value of uniqueness of others,” Isaac said. “The value of differences in others.”

You can follow Cody on Facebook and on Instagram, or visit her website.

Cody’s fifth birthday is Tuesday. You can send her a birthday card at

P.O. Box 63252
Colorado Springs, CO 80962

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